Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded A brandnew contest format about SPEED AIRTIME & STYLE featuring many of the legendary snowboarders from the 90s. Presented through NATIONAL CREW battles in gripping knock out sessions and a SALTY DOGS MATCH Europe vs North America. THE CONCEPT Contest snowboarding redefined Fabi Fraidl by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded T H E V I L L A G E THE ISCHGL FACTOR One of the high class snow resorts in the Alps Alps CULINARY HOTSPOT with 8 Gourmet restaurants representing 16 toques of Gault Millau Après-ski and nightlife of high renown T H E R E S O R T Snow guaranteed from November to May Cross-border ski resort Austria/Switzerland 238 km slopes and 45 gondolas and ski lifts ON HILL CAPACITY over 25.000 people One of the largest snowparks in Europe Secure and endless FREERIDE areas and lines TOP of the MOUNTAIN CONCERTS T H E B A ‘1 8 L O C A T I O N perfect SUNSET SHOOT spot Banked Air’18 course above 2500m Event area close to the top restaurantsÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE TARGET GROUP Active, outdoor motivated 20‘s to young 50‘s We are aiming to target the same group of riders who were there to experience the EXPLOSION of FREESTYLE snowboarding in the 90‘s. No matter if they are coming back to shred or even just to bring their YOUNG FAMILY along to watch. We aim to give everyone including the younger generation a taste of the riding, music, party and atmosphere from the golden days.Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style Lukas Ellensohn by Sebi Madlener c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE CONTEST VENUE A bowl style XL banked course in a natural gully Starts with four BANKED HIPS followed by four HALF BOWLS including Step Up and Step Down Kickers leading into six classic BANKED TURNS and ending with a KICKER SNOW BOX followed by WATER SLIDE on the finish line.Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE ROOTS 80s Bowl skateboarding Our BANKED AIR setup actually transforms elements from concrete skate bowls to a snow terrain set up. BOWL TRANNIES with COPINGS & EXTENSIONS dominate, CORNERS , BANKED HIPS , PYRAMID BOXES and CRADLES alike. Our vison is to create a bowl style run top to bottom. Venice Beach Skate BowlÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE TECH FACTS about a minute top to bottom course BANKED AIR COURSE one STEP UP KICKER four BANKED HIPS one WATER SLIDE length 780m start 2575m finish 2435m elevation difference 140m distances in between 55m-70m hip table length 12m-14m exclusive bowl extension heights of inrun transitions 5m-6m, landing banks 8m-15m four VERT BOWLS bowl coping diameters 50m-60m step up length 5m-8m step down heights 1m-2m bowl heights 6m-8m table length 10m landing length 15m on the finish line length 10m width 4m depth 0,5m SHAPERS WORK 300 hours DIGGER WORK 150 hours CAT WORK 200 hours six BANKED TURNS turn length 20m-30m bank heights 3m-4m Roli Tschoder by Sebi MadlenerTHE EVENT LOCATION On the IDALP in the very center of the Silvretta Arena Ischgl Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded The BANKEDAIR 2018 will be built into a NATURAL GULLY just beside the upper Velill Snowpark along side the triple kicker line. The course leads down from the STARTat 2570m to the finish line on 2440m, from where you can reach the lower Idalp Snowpark which ends 150m before the Velill chair lift bottom station and Idalp Restaurants. There you arrive with one of the two GONDOLAS from ISCHGLÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE 25th ANNIVERSARIES bringing back the 90‘s flavour, a quarter of a century in the making 25years SPC skate‘n‘snowboard camps 1993 -2004 Europe‘s cradle of summer snowboarding. 25years ÄSTHETIKER founded 1993 by Austria‘s most renowned and successfull riders. They still ride to their limits, filming and shooting in the secret back country. 25years ISCHGL Isf World Championchips early to mid 90s Ischgl was a European hotspot for the colourful and crazy snowboard scene by hosting many world tour stops and the 1st ISF World Champs. It‘s just the right time to celebrate a quarter of a century together. Roli Tschoder by Sebi Madlener 25years WU-TANG CLAN To be confirmedÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE SPC55 HIP HISTORY Hip section of the SPC55camps sequence poster 1999 SPC organized 12years skate‘n‘snowboard summer camps in a leading position. We developed and built some of the most innovative (summer) snow parks in Europe and organized shred and party sessions that many of the current generation (back then camp kids) remember as a lifetime experience. Especially for our world reknown Hips and Superpipes that established SPC‘s reputation and summer camp status until today.Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE 90s INVITATIONAL Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th April 2018 ISCHGL SPC and the ÄSTHETIKER are going to invite more than 100 legendary riders from the glorious 90s to bring back the old school vibes to the six BANKED AIR days & nights. Riders that created their original styles back in the days and tons of new technical moves during the most influential decade of snowboarding will show their skills against each other in an exciting new TV contest format. Teamed up in 16 national crews, each crew with 4 male (1 young gun and 3 over 30) and a female rider will battle in a classic knock out format after a qualification day, where over 20 crews will try to make the cut, including an internal crew selection from max 8 riders to 5. Additionally a Salty Dogs Match Europe vs North America features about 30 male and female snowboard pioneers of early 90s freestyle snowboarding. JP, CaptainK & Mone by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style USAIR tbc c o n te st AIR CANUCK tbc the 90s reloaded wish you were here RIDERS we will confirm riders and crews during summer/fall EUROPAIR tbc Gogo Gossner 45 aut LOCAL SNEAKERS Alex Humpl Gilbert Wäger Marco Avi Paul Burger Gerhard Hörhager Maggo Strele Andi Abendung Max Rehrl Tommy Marsh Flo Daniaux Bernie Köffler Roli Tschoder by Sebi Madlener PANAMAIR tbc Mike Basich 4? usa Max Plötzeneder 46 aut Shin Campos 4? can Tom Recheis 45 aut Terry Kiddwell 5? usa Regis Rolland 56 fra Shaun Palmer 49 usa Reto Lamm 47 sui Todd Richards 48 usa Bertrand Denervaud 4? sui Jason Ford 47 usa Greg Poissonnier 44 fra Bobby Meeks 45 usa Oli Holzmann 47 ger Jamie Lynn 44 usa Sebu Kuhlberg 44 fin Dale Rehberg 44 usa Marco Lutz 45 sui Mike Ranquet 4? usa Peter Strom 44 swe Kevin Sansalone 4? can Stine Brun Kjeldaas 41 nor Victoria Jealouse 4? can Nicole Angelrath 44 sui Cara-Beth Burnside 4? usa Martina Tscharner 44 sui Barrett Christy 47 usa Nici Pederzolli 43 aut Shannon Dunn 4? usa Minna Hesso 42 fin Tricia Byrns 4? usa Nicola Thost 40 ger Tina Basich 4? usa Patrik Wehr-Hassler sui men 44 + women 40 + Seth Neary 4? usa Oli Fennel 48 sui Jay Nelson 4? usa Massimo Perotti 4? ita John Cardiel 4? usa Micky Früh 5? sui JF Pelchat 45 can Oli Brunschwiler 4? sui Jim Rippey 47 usa Jonny Eisenhut 46 sui Jeff Brushie 46 usa Marius Sommer 44 nor Chris Roach 4? usa Aleksi Vanninen 44 fin Nate Cole 4? usa Anders Hagman 45 swe Micky LeBlanc 45 usa Camille Brichet 4? sui Dave Downing 4? usa THE SALTY DOGS MATCH Brian Iguchi 42 Peter Line 43 Chad Otterstrom 41 Travis Rice 35 Danny Kass 35 Tara Dakides 42 Travis Parker 40 Josh Dirksen JAPANAIR tbc Yoshinari Uemura 44 Tadashi Fuse 41 Daisuke Murakami 34 Fumio Murakami Shuji Kajiura 4? Yuka Fujimori 30 Takaharu Nakai 3? Mike Michalchuck Brett Carpentier 42 Devun Walsh 41 Marc Andre Tarte 38 Trevor Andrew 38 SWED AIR tbc KIWIAIR tbc Megan Pischke Ingemar Backman 42 Quentin Robbins Kale Stephens 40 Jakob Söderqvist DCP Roland MorleyBrown NORGE AIR tbc Johan Oloffson 41 Will Jackways Terje Haakonsen43 SUOMIAIR tbc Fredrik Sarvell 39 Jake Koia Kim Christiansen 43N Jennie Waara 4? Jussi Oksanen 38 Nick Brown Daniel Franck 43 Jakob Willhelmson 3? Pavo Tikkanen Maria Kuzma Roger Hjelmstadstuen Hampus Mossesson 35 Joni Malmi Carlos GKnight Andreas Wiig 37 Stefan Karlson Markku Koski 37 Kjersti Buaas 36 Wille Yli Luoma 39 AUSTRALIAIR tbc Mads Jonsson 35 Enni Rukajärvi 27 Ryan Tiene UK Greenshield AIR tbc JP Solberg 34 Heikki Sorsa Marcus Wehrle Gary Eero Ettala 34 Clint Allan James Stentiford AUSTRIÄIR Jess Rich Graham MacVoy ISLANDAIR tbc Steve Gruber 41 Jye Kearney SWISSAIR tbc Dom Harrington Daníel Magnússon 42 Wolle Nyvelt 40 Bjarni Torah Bright Fabien Rohrer 42 Steve Bailey Thor Valdimarsson 39 Friedl Kolar 39 Erlendur Charles Beckinsale Gian Simmen 41 Jenny Jones Thor Magnússon 35 Stefan Gimpl 38 Michi Albin 40 Robbie Walker Ben Kilner Eiki Helgason 30 Gigi Rüf 36 Romain de Marchi 38 Jamie Baker 41 Halldór Helgason 26 Anna Gasser 26 tbc Nicolas Müller 36 Ýja Gestsdóttir 29 ESPANAIR tbc Sani Alibabic 37 Anne-Flore Marxer 33 Gulli Guđmundsson 31 AIR FRANCE Iker Fernandez Beckna Eberharter Pascal Imhof 42 Viktor Hjartarson 30 Nicolas Droz Richard Fernandez Markus Keller 35 Babs Charlet Manuel Palacios Xavier de Le Rue 38 Merlin Belfour AIR ITALIA tbc GERMANAIR tbc CZECHAIR tbc Tony Ross 40 Igor Domingues Lukas Gollner 40 Xaver Hoffmann 43 Martin Cernik Julien Haricott Queralt Castellet Alessandro Benussi 41 Christoph Thoresen 41 Honza Zajic 37 Doriane Vidal 41 Peiro Monguelos Filippo Kratter 37 Mini Karpf 4?nsor Sylvain Bourbousson 34 Pepa Samek 33 Carlos Alonso Giacomo Kratter 36 Alex Schmaltz 40 Jan Necas 33 Mathieu Crepel 34 Martino Orso David Benedek 37 Roman Dlauhy Rita Comi Silvia Mittermüller 34 ANDORRAIR tbc Šárka Pančochová 27 Dado Buvoli BELGIUMAIR tbc Andy Lehman 40 Merlin Balfour 39 Martin Matousek 30 Gianluca Buvoli Axel Pauporte André Kuhlmann 36 Jamie Phillips 36 Richard Skandera 40 Demir Julia Miguel Moreno 35 Philippe Lalemant SLOVENIAIR tbc Suray Fernandez 30 Frederik Vanden Bossche Tyler Chorlton 31 SLOVAKIAIR tbc Marko Grilc Shao Ki Matus Hubka 40 Ziga Susa 38 José Sánchez 31 Karlien Powslayer Tomas Hafner 40 Tadej Valentan 35 Fegy Feuggelen Tomas Lancaric 40 ??? PORTOAIR tbc Youbi Ahmed Milan Purdes 35 ??? ??? Matej Matys 32 Cilka Sadar ??? Basa Stevulova 30 ??? DUTCHAIR tbc ??? Maros Petras 42 Jody Könders ??? Samuel Jaros 16 RUSSIAIR tbc Patrick Van Der Graaf ??? Dimitry Fesenko 3? Eelco De Koning ??? POLSKAIR tbc Denis B Leontyev Rocco Van Straaten Aleksey Osovitski Marek Sasiadek 38 Joris Ouwenkerk?? Victor Teymurov 30 GREECAIR tbc Wojtek Pajak 38 Cheryl Maas 33 Artem Teymurov 29 Dimitris Liossis 46 Starovitch Dimi De jong Olya Smeshlivaya George Felekis 41 Wojtek Pawlusiak32 ??? Spyros Belonadis 36 Jan Wolak 38 ??? Hilda Giannopoulou Paulina Ligocka ???n??? Jakub Honcz 37 ??? Michal Ligocka 30 THE NATION CREW KNOCK OUTS men 30 + / 1 young gunÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded Alex Walch by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE Saturday OPEN BANKED AIR 7th - Sunday 8th April 2018 Shape- / Shop- / Brand- and Friends-Crews (each 3 male and 1 female rider) are welcome to compete during the weekend at the OPEN BA‘18, riding the same course as the legends in the Invitational BA‘18 the previous 3 days. The OPEN BANKED AIR will act also as a qualification for next years national crews at the INVITATIONAL BA 2019. Each day top 10 crews qualify for a second run. The format is about SPEED, AIRTIME & STYLE. The time will be measured from top to bottom with bonus deductions for airtime on the 4 hips and style judged as overall impression by the Ästhetikers. Online Registration starting December 1st on w w w . b a n k e d a i r . c o m It is limited to 40 crews per day for Saturday and Sunday. Mario Käppeli by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded Roli Tschoder by Matt McHattieÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE CONTEST FOCUS Our contest format is based on 4 key aspects A contest format world premiere that will let the 90‘s rider generation shine again. Riding experience and instinctive choice of line are as important as athletic constitution and trick abilities. One young gun ride though is part of each crew. 1st Skills of freestyle snowboarding will be combined with the ability of fast and smooth riding. Airtime and style are as important as speed. 2nd Freestyle tricks / moves will be limited to a maximum of 540° rotation in any direction. 3rd The format will be thrilling and at the same time understandable for spectators on site and through TV or live stream. People without any freestyle knowledge will be able to follow easily. 4th National crew matches will bring an additional emotional aspect into the contest for participants and spectators alike. Steve Gruber by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded NATIONAL CREWS KNOCK OUT SALTY DOGS MATCHES Nation crews are drawn to match each other in a KO system. Two crews battle, each riding with 4 male and 1 female rider alternatively. Each rider in a battle has two runs, the better one counts. All times within the crews will be added and 4 out of 5 best times are used for the crew result. The faster crew makes it into the next battle round. The National Crew Finals as well as The Salty Dogs Final will offer 3 runs for each rider, best one counts. All times measured are taken for single results in male, female and various age classes. THE CONTEST FORMAT heights and style will reduce the measured time ABOUT SPEED AIRTIME & STYLE A start to finish run is time-measured. The time minus 4 height bonuses on the four hips and a judged style bonus results in the final time. The height bonus starts above 2 meters, each additional meter equals 1 second in time bonus. The measured spots are tip or tail of the snowboard. The style bonus can be up to 5 seconds and will be excecuted on airtime smoothness, the duration of the board grab and a solid stomping and easy ride out.Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded Steve Gruber by Matt McHattieÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE BA18 TEAM 90s work mates and shred buddies ThomasFeurstein + Roli Tschoder by Sebi Madlener The Creator & Mastermind The Ästhetiker President The BankedAir Course Advisors The Race Course Directors The Enfant Terrible & Host The TV Counsel & Speaker The Supervisor & Social Media The Monepic Owner & Filmer The Staff Photographers The Public Relations Lead The Ischgl Event Manager The BA Headshaper & Welder The 3d Designer & Cat Drivers The Volvo Digger Operator The Party Organizers The BA Game Engineer The Shred Mom The Music Line up Manager The Shred ChiX tbc Anna Banana Wolf Mirijam Hammerl Martina Grütter Nadja Grütter Isabell Walser Ramona Götz Sabrina Popp Betty Pfeifer Klaus ‘Captain K..‘ Marko AUT 1993-2004 SPC Summercamps, 2004-2012 Snowpark Yearbook, 2006-2017 SmartParksConsult Stefan ‘Steve‘ Gruber AUT Vice World champion Halfpipe 1999 , Ästhetiker President, Gigi Rüf AUT & Wolfgang ‘Wolle‘ Nyvelt AUT both TWS Riders of the Year ; Terje Haakonsen NOR tbc Triple HP World Champion Alex Walser AUT tbc Avelanche Commisioner & Ski Patrole ; Drew Stevenson AUS tbc Drew Stevenson AUS tbc 1994-2002 editor in chief Onboard Mag, 2003-2007 master mind Methodmag, 2004-2012 TTR coordinator Henry Jackson UK 1999-2002 SPC Setup coordinator ; Alexander Schwan GER Millhaus ; Chris Bachmann CH Sudden Rush Oliver ‘Oli‘ Schran GER 1999-2002 SPC office manager 2003-‘08 Vans marketing /graphics 2008-‘18 The3rdlevel / Red Bull Media House Andreas ‘Mone‘ Monsberger AUT, Julian Pintarelli AUT, Mauro Castellani ITA Matt McHattie NZL; Gonzalo Manera ESP; Sebi Madlener AUT Birgit Gruber AUT tbc Helmut ‘A&S Helli‘ Lunner AUT Alex ‘Railex‘ Fischer AUT 2000 - 2016 Snowpark Designer, Railbuilder Nick Francke USA, Heinrich ‘Heini‘ Ganahl AUT Alfred ‘Alfi‘ AUT Flo Gstrein, Martina & Nadja Grütter tbc ‘Stoffl‘ AUT Anna Schneider AUT tbc John Paul UKÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded Alex Wach by Matt McHattieÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE SCHEDULING NIGHT SHIFTS Tuesday April 3rd Ästhetiker WELCOME PARTY Pacha tbc Wednesday April 4th Shred ChiX BONFIRE PARTY Posthörndl tbc Thursday April 5th LOOSERS :) BASH Fire & Ice tbc Friday April 6th WINNER PARTY Show Arena tbc Saturday April 7th OPEN CREW JAM Trofanaalm tbc Sunday April 8th Hang over & Out Allegra tbc BANKED AIR18 Tuesday April 3rd Arrival & Welcome dinner party Wednesday April 4th Practice Hips 9 am -11 am Practice Hips/Bowls 3 pm - 5 pm INVITATIONAL BA weather reserve (half)day Thursday April 5th Practice INVITATIONAL BA 9 am -10 am 20+ Nation Crews cut to 16 10 am - 3 pm Salty Dogs US/CAN vs EU cut 3 pm - 5 pm Winner Sunset shoot 6 pm - 8 pm Friday April 6th Practice INVITATIONAL BA 9 am -10 am 8 NationCrews cut to 4 10 am -12 am 4 NationCrews cut to 2 12 am - 2 pm Salty Dogs Match + Finals 2 pm - 4 pm Looser:) Sunset shoot 6 pm - 8 pm tbc Saturday April 7th 9 am -11 am OPEN BA practice OPEN BA competition 11am - 4 pm INVITATIONAL BA weather reserve (half)day Sunday April 8th Open BA practice 9 am -10 am Open BA competition 10 am - 2 pm Open BA finals top 8 crews 3 pm - 5 pm Alex Walch by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded Roli Tschoder by Matt McHattiep res e nt s Ä s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded April 3rd - 8th 2018 s m a r t p a r ks c o n s u l t Klaus‚CaptainK‘Marko St Christophorusweg 9a 8750 Judenburg +43 664 3422050 k l a u s .m a r ko @ gm a i l .co m Steve Gruber by Sebi MadlenerÄ s n o w b o a rd speed airtime style c o n te st the 90s reloaded THE PARTNERSHIPS